Being Artistic with Upholstery

As a lifestyle expert and designer, one of the best parts of creating a customized space is finding the right resources. When I wrote my new book, LIFE ON MAR’S Creating Casual Luxury‰, I referenced the resources that make my house, Rosebrook Gardens, not just the backdrop for television crews and charity events, but a living breathing home. Believe me, wear and tear happens here, just like any home. Since one of my six Casual Luxury design principles is “Repurpose”, when it is time to deal with something worn, I always begin with this question: “Can I either fix it or update it”?

I have two club chairs in my living room, slipcovered in a cream linen with an orange grid pattern. I had a little chat with them this week (Everyone talks with their furniture, don’t they?), and we agreed that our love of the chairs’ lines and great construction would make discarding them not an option. This time, I decided to reupholster them rather than replace the slipcovers. Keeping them–and refreshing them–was the right choice as I have owned them for over a decade and had them shipped here from Florida. We have a history together.

So, when it comes to researching fabrics and finding that perfect textile there is only one place for me: Artistic Upholstery (AU) in Norwalk, Connecticut. AU, as I like to refer to them, offers an incredible range, from the trendiest fabrics to the calmest and most conservative colors and textures. What makes them unique is not just this selection, but the meticulous custom work they do. Known for their slipcovers, custom furniture, headboards and window treatments, I think there is simply nowhere else to go. Finding the right upholsterer may take some doing, but having one on hand can save you lots of money. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to transform a tired duckling into a swan.

This coming week my two club chairs will get a much-needed makeover, so tune in my MARtians for the ‘reveal.’ I’ll explain the fabric choice, my inspiration, and which of my other core design principles helped me decide on the perfect fabric. (Plus I’ll tell you what the chairs said, too!)