With all the traveling this month, going back and forth from Southampton where I am staying with my many invited guests, I have had the opportunity to be out in nature as the season slowly starts to change. This week, with the temperature dropping, the fall garden begins to emerge. I embrace the cool days of Indian summer as time to collect my thoughts of what’s to come this winter, also knowing I will be soon hosting the Holiday Wishes Show. Just coming off of the Dream Room Make Over show, and actively working on my weekly show Northeast Living I guess you can say I’ve been rather busy, or BEE-zy. Mother Earth unfolds deep rich colors and new textures that are synonymous with autumn in the air. And of course I’m right there capturing the moment. This bumble bee photo is just one example. My love for photography has been maturing over the years and although I’ve been shooting for my website and book for almost a decade I feel that I’m forever enriched by the allure of the gorgeousness that life has to offer. Having a top-notch camera that captures these very moments will elevate these expressions from my eyes to yours.

Therefore I’m making an investment in a new camera this weekend. Truth be told I’m enlisting the help of my friends at P.C. Richards and Son. Their expertise, knowledge and customer service skills will guide me through the process.

Come toMARow I’ll have a brand new state of the art camera that will not only excel my level of photography, but also enable me to capture even more detail and beauty from my home, garden, and life. You can be sure I’ll be “BEE-zy” taking photos.