Beauty in the Garden

As I wandered within the gardens this past week with camera in hand, I reflected as I re-discovered the journey of love and attention my garden has received over the decades. I find inner meaning within the beauty I began creating almost a quarter of a century ago.

My David Austin rose collection–which I began cultivating the very first week I moved into Rosebrook Gardens–acts like an anchor for my commitment to creating a legacy on this small yet amazing haven of land I call home. The delicate petals of each rose are both complex and magical and of course a feast for the eyes. I reflect upon the memories and the glorious moments in time when each were first planted. I’m grateful for the endless beauty and  backdrop they provide for parties, garden tours and so many visitors. Sometimes they have even spoken to me, seeming to send me messages; a bad day can turn around when focusing on their splendid blooms. Being in their presence is like a mantra and a meditation in one. It’s almost as if they are reminding me that no matter what happens in life, find the beauty.

Truth be told, I’ve been a maker of beauty my entire life. Some of my earliest memories come by way of turning displeasing spaces into show places– I’m “that guy” who makes it a priority to be the leader in the quest for beauty. Thus, hopefully that will be part of my legacy.

I’ve created an environment that is the foundation of who I am. As I was preparing this 2021 version of my EYES OF MAR’S Photo Essay of the garden I couldn’t help but notice something wonderful. This classic, ever-growing and -changing English Garden is not just captured through the “eyes of Mar’s” but the garden has captured part of me in return. How? I like to think it contains the soul of a man that truly wanted to share his passion, love and devotion for all things beautiful. And so, when the garden blooms and as I reflect and absorb its beauty, I’m capturing a bit of myself from yesterday, today and hopefully toMARrow.