Beached Schnauzer

Last Sunday here in Connecticut the weather was perfect for taking advantage of my friend Mary’s private beach. Barbara and I both agreed that this would make for the perfect opportunity to introduce Violet to the beach. We would venture out for an afternoon delight, meeting up with Mary and her dog Elizabeth Taylor. We took a football–yes, you read that right–some chairs, a bottle of rosé, and planted ourselves right in the middle of what was a quiet day at the beach. The wind was blowing and the sun felt warm on our skin. Isn’t it always great to be out on the beach with some friends, a glass of wine, and a comfortable beach chair?

We took in the fresh air and Miss Violet, although shy at first, made her way around the sand, sniffing and wondering what to make of this new-found promised land. I kept a close eye on her, as I was not sure if I could yet trust her off a leash. This was not a problem, as she stayed close, following Elizabeth. We all watched carefully as she was not quite sure what to make of this. If Corky were alive she would have quickly told Violet–this is playtime! A time to run, pee and poop. “Empty your reserve tank!” she would bark loudly (always to be picked-up of course). My darlingViolet I believe was constipated! As for Elizabeth, well, she would no have problems after all this was her beach.

The wind picked up and we were happy that we brought a coat along. Violet’s ears would change with the wind and stand straight up. Although she’s little, it seemed that her ears could allow her to hang-glide all the way to the Falkland Islands! We laughed as she turned to the wind to catch the fresh breeze on her whiskers. As the weather began to change we thought we were ready to go in, but Elizabeth and Violet began what we called the Kentucky Derby. Chasing, chasing in circles around us, nonstop, so much so I began to do commentary, “coming in right behind lady Taylor is a newcomer to the race; it’s Violet Von Dumbo”. Dumbo because of the ears upright channeling the wind. As quickly as this started it would end with a leap into the water, a celebratory bath, of course with Elizabeth to blame. Both now wet and smelly it was time to go, but after all that you would think the activity would push out a poop? No, the expected poop would show up unexpected later that night–she would wait for some privacy at home in her backyard. If you have a dog you know what I’m going to say, as that night Violet was exhausted and promptly put herself to bed by 9 pm and didn’t get up once until I woke her at 7 am.

This week was filled with many meetings, design updates, and gardening; that said it was also the week that Miss Violet would decide to rebel and forgo her current dog food. I’m told this could happen with a growing puppy, where suddenly they will demand something new. With Schnauzer in hand, I went to my local Earth Animal store to see what would be available to supplement her Innova puppy dog food. I was quickly referred to Michael’s naturally healthy food for pets. It comes in a 32-ounce glass jar and it’s home cooking’ for dogs. Fresh, natural and delicious! I purchased the “Soul-Stew” and as I read the ingredients (Water, Chicken, Carrots, Yams, Potatoes, Brown Rice, Peas, Wild Rice and Celery) I realized it was all words that I could pronounce. For God’s sake, if I was ever hungry I could eat it, too. We returned home just in time for lunch so I quickly mixed some of the new food with Violet’s dry kibble and viola! She ate the whole thing. Daddy was pleased and delighted as I was able to give her some home cooking without cooking at home. Easy, thankfully, as I had to run to a meeting downtown.

On Thursday Violet and I picked up a friend after tennis practice, and we waited in the parking lot as she finished. With Violet on my lap, her paws on the steering wheel, we waited patiently for Reilly to join us. As people exited the club she had a special bark for each. The long gargling bark that is not a full bark but rather the “I’m not so sure I want to waste a bark on you” type. Then the “I see some kids” bark that is a high pitched bark that one could hear a mile away but nothing would prepare me for the “I know you bark”, a long consistent barking motion that requires body movement. Cute coming from such a small dog.

Violet is 17 weeks old today and continues to surprise me every day. No matter what I do she wants to be included. She’s talking quite regularly as I stated last week, but the most rewarding times we spend together is our “night-night” ritual at bedtime when I put her on her back and rub her tummy. It’s at this time she relinquishes herself to me. In mere moments her eyes roll slowly back and close as she allows me to massage her belly while falling fast asleep. It’s at this time that I can reflect and be most grateful for this little bundle of joy. My little girl is growing up so quickly, and I’m delighted that I’m pausing and taking the moment to appreciate her. I’m right here, Violet, happily by your side, watching proudly as you grow to be a fine lady. Since ladies have good manners and know how to behave, I guess you’re not quite a lady yet–so I’ll have to stay on red alert for a while longer.

Who knows what mischief she’ll get up to next? This weekend we are off to Southampton, New York, for some business and pleasure. I have invited some friends from Connecticut to join me. Violet will once again experience the beach, this time the ocean, so wish me luck as I think I’d better search for a schnauzer wetsuit!