Back In Bed

Well, this week I shot a fun segment for Northeast Living: in my PJ’s. Yes, that’s right, my PJ’s! An exciting new bed center recently opened on Main Street in downtown Westport, and I went to check it out. Customer Sleep Design has been serving the state for the last four years. Truth be told, their beds can be found in many homes throughout the country, and a Custom Sleep Design mattress is available to everyone without even requiring a them to walk through the door of a retail store – thanks to their website and it’s cool diagnostic.

As I prepared to shoot the segment, I said to the group “Well, it’s not everyday I get into bed as part of my workday.” And you know what? I loved it! One of the many things I learned was that Custom Sleep Design offers all natural latex beds. Did you know that latex naturally conforms to the body thus providing optimal orthopedic support. Their unique pinhole design also provides breathability throughout, unlike those polyurethane Memory Foam or plastic based materials that are dreadfully temperature sensitive and can make you sweat like a pig. Yuck!

And should you have a partner to share a bed with – no worries as each side can be customized. I need lots of support for my back, but Lady Violet my Schnauzer prefers a soft and fluffy area. One bed, two very different needs, no problem. Plus, the customization goes beyond – not only each side of the bed, but varied support for head, shoulders, and hips, too. Plus they have the option of a foundation that can elevate the foot or head of the bed – and more. Can you see why I was reluctant to leave this work assignment?

Learn more about a custom sleep bed by visiting their