Baby on Board

I am so excited to tell my MARtian community about the latest addition to the family. But, wait. I have to rewind just a little bit.

My BFF, Yvonne, has been in love with my mini schnauzer Violet since the day they first locked eyes. When Yvonne’s birthday rolled around it was clear to her husband, Neil, what her gift should be. I tasked my assistant, Lauren, with doing some research into breeders and boy did we find a winner.

Vera Clark is the founder of Maximilian Schnauzers out of Orlando, Florida. We were so impressed with her, the breeding philosophy she follows, and her kindness that we decided to go with her for this very important decision. On Yvonne’s birthday, Neil “gave” her the news of this puppy yet-to-be born. She was absolutely thrilled, and the fun was about to begin.

It was a blast waiting for the puppy to come into the world. Thanks to a live feed that Vera had set up, we even got to watch the litter being born, and then could follow the puppies’ early development, too. While waiting for the puppy to be old enough to travel to Westport, her full name was selected: Ivy Leigh Rose O’Kane. Ivy, to represent Green Isle, the family’s home; Leigh, one of Yvonne’s favorite names; and Rose, to honor my Violet Annabelle Rose.

Yvonne wanted the exact arrival date to be a surprise for Neil and the kids, so when the time came for Ivy to come home she didn’t let them know. Yvonne and I slipped away and drove to the airport while Neil was at work and the kids were doing summer projects. We were in breathless anticipation during the drive; I think Yvonne was actually doing Lamaze breathing.

When we saw Ivy at the gate in the arms of her escort we were amazed at how much she looks like my Violet when she was that age. They truly must be sisters in spirit. The trip home was no less exciting as we knew the family had no idea Ivy was on the way. Surprise! It’s safe to say they loved the unexpected special delivery!

Ivy is totally sweet, and Yvonne is utterly thrilled. There’s nothing like a puppy. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.