Baby Come Back

I love babies, all kinds of babies: puppies, kittens, anything small that I can hold in my arms. You may not know this about me but I also adore children. Up to now I’ve only had my “Fur” babies Corky and now Violet; but when a real baby comes into my life I’m excited to spoil them and hold them for as long as possible. Violet can attest to that – god knows I’ve treated her with endless hugs, kisses and baby talk, so much so that I have to I tell her I can’t kiss her in public because it’s just not normal!

That said, my nurturing skill-set (often only applied to my garden) reaches new heights when a baby becomes my focus. Case in point: last weekend when Audra Lowe, Better TV Host, joined me in the garden with her little 4-month old, 15 lb bundle of love, Ella.

Violet and I welcomed them to Rosebrook Gardens–Violet was just as curious about Ella as I was. Together we enjoyed the quintessential fall day, reminiscing about our on-air time together and planning for Ella’s future, which of course I was hoping to make myself a part of.

Truth be told, I offered up the surrogate Uncle Marsley role. You see, with no kids of my own this would be the perfect way to help the parents while getting my own Mommy and Baby fix. So with Ella in my arms, I hoped to seal the deal. Hours of singing, kissing, feeding – and even my poor attempt at burping was encouraged. Soon Ella fell fast asleep in my arms, nestling her head under my neck close to my heart. I fell in love – just like that. I felt the power of innocence and pure love come over me. I’m sure some of you can relate to that amazing bond and the feeling I’m trying to describe. This was a gift and I knew the moment it was happening that this was an experience I would remember for a lifetime. So my darling Audra, when will my baby come back?