And The Winner Is…

It’s a parent’s tried and true boredom killer and just plain fun for everyone. The I Spy game has been around forever, and it never fails to please young and old. This week’s, “Happy Friday Blog” features just such a game, but with a twist.

I spy with my little eye, something, Casual Luxury!

I issued a challenge to my followers on December 14th on social media – Facebook and Instagram. I took an old photo of before my home renovation and juxtaposed it with a photo taken a couple days ago. With the before and after pictures posted I issued a challenge! Find the six design changes. Win a personalized copy of my interior design book.

The six design changes were:

  1. New lighting
  2. Coffered ceiling
  3. New ceiling speaker (looks like a vent)
  4. Base of the tree branches
  5. Table setting
  6. Paint color change

We had such an exciting flurry of activity after that post. People commented on the cleverest details, things I hadn’t even noticed! I am happy to say we have 2 winners, one from Facebook and one from Instagram.

On Facebook, I have to call out Roberta Clooney. You’re the winner for having all six of the design changes! Your book is coming soon. Thank you to Marna Joe Higgins. You get an honorable mention for your eye for detail, and to Marcus Carpenter – haha, yes, the tree did grow quite a lot.

On Instagram, while nobody ended up getting all six of my changes, Riblew was closest with five! Honorable mention to you, and thank you to all those that were so close. Your eye for detail is admirable.

Thank you all for participating. It was a blast and don’t worry if you didn’t win this time. Stay tuned for many more contests like this. I enjoyed your responses so much. I hope you had as much fun as did I!

As always, Keep it Casual,