Always Remembering

As I witness the transformation of my Master Bedroom (and document the process for several upcoming episodes for season 4 of LIFE ON MAR’S; The Home Makeover Show) I can’t help but reminisce about the past of Rosebrook Gardens. How it all began, the key elements that drive my affair with my home and those who were part of its history.

That said, along with the process of demo-ing and rebuilding surprisingly enough comes discovery. Who would’ve thought that a time capsule I squirreled away in 2003 would be discovered? And revealed not by the next generation or a new homeowner but rather by me? I’d actually forgotten it was there–and what a treat to read what I once wrote so long ago. So, so much has changed.

Truth be told, Rosebrook Gardens holds a great deal of love from both the past and the present. The love of those lost years ago–both people and fur babies–and the new memories that are created and bestowed on me in this journey we call life.

In every renovation I do here I truly love to write a note and/or hide something to mark the moment in hopes someone will discover it in the future. There is no better way to learn about a home than from the voices of those who have lived a life in its surroundings. The master bedroom walls have been all stripped back as part of the renovation, and as I begin to enclose the walls today I engaged with my time capsule a second time in the same space. However, this time it’s been updated to reflect all the glorious new memories.

So I’ll tuck it away today to be retrieved on a tomMARow hopefully far in the future. And when they read this note what will they learn? Once there was a man who truly had a love affair with his home, garden and life.