Always Blooming

This is the perfect time of year for me, as I witness the beauty of Rosebrook Gardens unfolding with splendor.  From the smallest tulips to the grandest majestic trees, no doubt it is springtime, and Rosebrook Gardens leads the way! All of my friends are witnessing her awakening and grandly revealing for all to enjoy. It’s not uncommon that, in spite of living on a private road, the allure is much too great for some to resist. People tend to gravitate to the gardens to see for themselves the colors: currently, the snowy white trees blooming and the carpet of tiny violet flowers from the ground covering myrtle. I love it.

The lush emerald green grass and the light blue sky frames the newly forming buds from the clematis that are patiently waiting for their cue from mother nature to burst open. Then the seasonal roses of Rosebrook Gardens will fill the air with a magnificent scent of delight. You are transported to a traditional English garden that I like to think is worthy of any royal visit – it truly becomes a feast for the senses.

White, creamy yellow and pale pink New Dawn roses will fill the arbor; every step closer to the house brings visual wonderment in every direction as you venture under the pergola where a 16-year-old wisteria shades you from the morning sun.

Just when you think you have seen it all, the profusion of peony flowers will take your breath away as these delicate white and pale pink flowers offer their own fragrance that demands your attention.

You feel the energy and harmony as vibrant colors, textures and scents abound on every corner of the gardens and if you were to experience it for yourself you, too, would say “At Rosebrook Gardens you will always find something blooming.”

Almost as good as being here? Jump start the season with your very own copy of Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden – you, too, can always be blooming with fantastic ideas from my book. It always makes a PERFECT gift! (And that’s a bloomin’ good idea.) Share with me how your garden is waking up and delighting you; I’d love to hear.