All Hands On Deck!

Hello, and Happy Friday, MARtians!

If you don’t already know, “Life on Mar’s” has been renewed for a second season. I guess those Emmy nominations were somewhat helpful. I have been very hands-on with this new season and most recently spent time involved in the actual renovation process.

You can see me in action in the accompanying photo. It is not my usual look, but I love it. (As you know, I normally like to be spruced up and dapper.) However, our home makeovers are a team effort and everyone including me needs to get down and dirty when it is all hands on deck.

At “The Nook” (one of several homes you’ll see in the season), I got involved in installing the beautiful shiplap ceiling in the master bedroom, the beadboard in the bathroom, the gorgeous custom bookshelves in the library and incredible coffered ceiling in the dining room. Gotta love a nail gun! And, finally, the remaining fixtures and millwork has been ordered and is arriving – and the charming Dutch door is here!

Today, I went to Lillian August to select the perfect furniture for the new spaces. The reno process is so exciting, especially at the end when it’s all about the finishes. Everything really comes together and the homeowners start to see my vision for their home materialize. Can’t wait to show it to you, tooMARtians, on season 2 of Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show. Season 2 will be broadcasted on ABC CT coming this September. That’s the latest for now. Enjoy your weekend. If you’re a gardener, get trimming those wisteria vines and, as always,…

Keep it Casual!