All Aboard!

I may be known for “LIFE ON MAR’S,” but I know how to make the most of the experiences planet Earth has to offer, too. Recently I had the pleasure to shoot a promotional video for the delightful Steaming Tender Restaurant, located in Palmer, Massachusetts. As trains are their theme, it did not take long before I was sporting an official Conductor’s hat (which, by the way, I never wanted to take off!)

The restaurant is in a historic, former train station, built in 1884. As I arrived, I felt as if I’d taken a trip back in time because the restaurant is filled with vignettes that help transport you to the past. I love all things related to the latter part of the 19th century, and this once-active station is chalk-full of railroad memorabilia, antiques, and rich history. Originally known as the Palmer Railroad Station, it was the third largest station in Massachusetts. It’s also significant because it was built by renowned architect Henry Hobson Richardson, a prominent American architect whose designs were so popular they spawned their own style: Richardsonian Romanesque.

Current owners Blake & Robin Lamothe have been undergoing the restoration project since 1987. Both as passionate about history and restoration as I am, their love for restoring this jewel of a building resonates in their smiles, not to mention the warmth of their entire staff. The moment you meet them you know they love what they do and do what they love. I was in heaven: a journey back in time and delicious food, while filming, too – hard not to love what I do, too!

Robin providing me with a private tour highlighting many architectural details that to this date are cherished and restored. Known as New England’s top train enthusiast’s location to visit, the Steaming Tender Restaurant is the perfect place for the whole family. Kids especially will flip over the close-up views of the many passing trains, as the dining area is in the grand former waiting room. It’s no wonder why so many people travel from all over the country to experience not just the terrific menu but the authentic, old-world ambiance.

My MARtians, life on Earth is a better place when you have these types of experiences to enjoy. The best part is you don’t need a time machine to get there.