My MARtians, by now you know my Casual Luxury design philosophy and my quest to share my love and passion for design with all. One thing’s for sure: even I have a punch list of home projects to do. I’m never done, and because I’m merely a steward of my home, Rosebrook Gardens, the changes I make must last the test of time for both design and durability.

That said, it’s time to address my front door with a fresh new look that I hope will capture the hearts of others.

Have you ever seen a design on a home and fallen madly in love with it? I’m no different, and for years I’ve had my eye on a specific front door design that I one day hoped would be part of my home, too. When I purchased my home back in the 1990’s I had no choice but to accept what was already installed. Truth be told, with so many other projects on hand, replacing or changing the door was not even on my radar at the time.

Flash forward to today and with so many details and upgrades to Rosebrook Gardens already accomplished it was time to redirect my attention to that front door. Don’t get me wrong, as the door works perfectly well and will not end up in a landfill; it will be carefully removed and donated to the local Stamford, CT Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Out with the old and in with the new! Funnily enough, the new will be made to look old. My custom designed door will capture the aesthetics of the early 20th century (thus turning back time as it were), hand-made by master carpenters and craftsmen, who will create a design perfect for Life on Mar’s.

My new door will be a solid 2-inch wood Dutch door with sidelights and a transom. What was my inspiration? Years ago, while on vacation, I visited a home in the Hamptons for a long weekend and I fell in love with its front door area. I made a mental note and of course kept the image in my mind for years, and the last couple of weeks I put my vision to paper. This week I began the process of a making this front door a reality as I officially began reviewing architectural plans on how this will finally look when made. After tinkering with the design I found my new door and I’m delighted to share the preliminary sketches with you, my MARtians.

No doubt I will a”door” my new door and I hope you will, too. Stay tuned as the project unfolds.