A Whirled of Entertaining

I’ve been looking forward to parties ever since I was a child – anticipating the activity, especially looking forward my parent’s parties so I could decorate and create not just MARvelous tablescapes but fun décor that was also playful as well. My early days of decorating were – to be honest – dominated by use of streamers, but by the time I was twelve I perfected the art of using them in multiple ways that turned rooms into prom settings. I was creative for entertaining for myself, too. One year I even took Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang as inspiration and recreated each character on a large wall in our basement for my birthday party. Once I created a winter wonderland for my friends and even built a fireplace with an old cardboard box. That said, I’ve come a long way since those days. Today I’ve perfected my style and even though I’m a little older I still allow myself to tap into the passion of that playful young boy’s heart that, to this day, is filled with energy and excitement to create.

These days I’m lucky to create for a living, and this past week as we shot our Holiday Wishes edition of Northeast Living I was excited to share many of my entertaining ideas. One of them was all about tablescapes. When we were done my producer/videographer Chris jumped right into the table décor and began to enjoy all the brownies, shrimp and yummy cheeses he could get his hands on. That’s the spirit! Nothing went to waste as whatever was not taken by my staff or Chris was donated to a homeless shelter here in Westport.

Tonight I’ll redesign the space, and get cooking once again for our neighborhood progressive holiday stroll party. Then tomorrow I’ll host a festive party for my wonderful “MAR” team and my colleagues from Northeast Living. As they arrive at Rosebrook Gardens, I’ll be ready again with more champagne, a roaring fire and lots of homemade delicious treats.

A whirl-wind of parties – now that’s a world I love.