A topless week

Hello my MARtians! How exactly was I topless? Well, this week I mean the term in a couple of different ways, as I not only soaked in a wonderful hotel tub with a view but also ripped the top off of a garage roof to accommodate a new rooftop deck.

First, the tub. I was a guest at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino on Thursday night. I was there as the headline speaker at this year’s finale for the Connecticut Author’s Trail. I got to take the stage in the Cabaret Theater; it was a great night. Guests arrived early to mingle and meet other authors who had appeared throughout the state, speaking at local libraries who participate; guests were also able to enter terrific prize draws. I was introduced and shared my journey as a writer and the process of creating my book, LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury. Then we closed with a book signing and I posed for photos. It was a lot of fun and the folks who organized it couldn’t have been nicer to me or my team. Speaking of that, they arranged for us to have a couple of hotel rooms so that we were not having to make the drive back late at night. My room was really lovely – and the minute I saw the big soaker bathtub against a picture window view of the lake and countryside below I said, “I’m in!” And the next morning I literally was.

Now the roof – nope, not one of mine. It’s for the home renovation I’m helping design with my Casual Luxury principles. And I’m also filming it for my home makeover show, so you’ll get to see it happen yourselves (including before and after shots) in even more detail. We are replacing the original pitched roof with a deck that will feature a fireplace and outdoor TV, making it a perfect entertaining space mere steps from both the house and the pool. Can’t wait to reveal it to you all. (Thank goodness this topless structure had some tarps on it during the thunderstorms we had last night!)

How else to “top” the week? Well, this morning I had a super segment on NBC CT, sharing how to best prep your garden with Fall plantings that are guaranteed to give you blooms each autumn. Love working with that team – and I know my tips were the tops, too!