A Schnauzer’s Centerfold

Daisy is the new superstar here at Rosebrook Gardens. Let me explain. This week we began to prepare for a national magazine photoshoot of my primary bedroom and bathroom—a year in the planning. I was honored to be bestowed this national media attention, so I was more than happy to be featured, and of course ready. All the details were polished, organized and prepped.

The team arrived early and began addressing the lighting and the schedule of the shoot. Up first was the bathroom, followed by vignette shots before they began the bedroom. I did have a sneak peek of some of the photos. I had to keep reminding myself that this was my home. Rosebrook Gardens is not just my brand, but most importantly, my home. Having the ability to share it with others is truly a gift.

As they wrapped up midday, they asked for a couple of shots of me in the closet area for the story. Of course, I was more than happy to have my photo taken and in less than 10 minutes after they asked, I was ready. To my surprise—I was not enough as they requested the lady of the house to be in the photos first. I paused for a moment and realized they wanted Daisy, then they would take photos of both of us. Daisy, of course, was more than happy to show off her latest jewels and blowout and loves having her photo taken. I would then need to await my call time.

After 20 minutes of Miss Daisy, they called for me. When I returned, I noticed the lady of the house—lounging like a centerfold spread on the bed—with one person combing her hair and another adjusting her light. At that moment, they asked if I could sit next to Daisy, but try not to block her light.

I could not help but laugh as they were fussing and attending to the star on display. Nobody wanted to comb my hair or adjust my lighting. Truth be told, I was just the man who designed the space, coordinated lunch, and made the bed.