A Ruff Vacation

I’ve been on a glorious vacation enjoying my SumMAR cottage in Southampton, and although I miss my home in Connecticut, I know it’s being well attended.  Plus, some exciting new things have even taken place there while I’ve been away (but that’s another blog, so you’ll have to wait until my return.)

Truth be told, while here I’ve basked in the sun, had some amazing dinners and also done some work filming and writing – all with Violet by my side. You see, she has met new people, which in her eyes equals more friends for her and someone new to throw a ball. Everyone loves playing fetch with her as she retrieves better – and more tirelessly – than any retriever I have ever met. Corky, my last schnauzer, would never fetch a ball, and if you dare threw one for her she would look right at you and somehow her look clearly communicated the following: “Okay, you threw it, so you get it.” Violet, however, will do it till the cows come home. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and right until bedtime, as this dog loves, loves, loves it. She even tries to bring balls to bed. Now that’s where I draw the line. No toys in bed, Miss Violet! (Sometimes she sits on the edge of the bed looking at them forlornly until she finally falls asleep.)

Because I like to get some exercise while on vacation I decided to bring my rollerblades to Southampton. Being a former skater, rollerblading is the next best thing to being on the ice. Knowing how much Violet enjoys putting her head out the car window, I wondered if she would tolerate me carrying her while I rollerbladed us to the beach. Moments after starting out a short test-roll in front of the house I knew the answer: Oh yes! She loves this new father-daughter activity, and she proudly looked forward as we rolled along (yes, at a careful pace, and close to the grass curb in case I had to come to a sudden stop.) We grabbed a lot of attention from passers-by. Truth be told, when we got to the beach the rollerblades made great props for me to use a beach towel to engineer a sun-shade canopy for Violet. This was the perfect place for her to get out of the sun while still able to keep a watchful eye on me. You know schnauzers, they always need to be on duty.

So with my schnauzer resting under my feet, my skin covered with SPF 30, and the sun on my face, I reflected and enjoyed our quiet time alone. September is the perfect time of year here and Miss Violet will hate to leave Southampton. I know it will be ruff for her and rough for me. So I’ll just leave you with this: “Ruff, rough” for both of us.