A New York Minute

There is nothing better than experiencing the city accompanied by my figure skates from my former international competitive skating days.

These trusty skates have served me well, and although it’s been decades since they lead me to gold medals their powerful legacy continues to serve me as an ambassador for casual skating. So today, what a delight to take to the ice at Rockefeller Center. That said, many of those who were watching today couldn’t help but notice not just my fancy moves on the ice but the embroidered American flags on each side of my skates. Of course a conversation-starter to all who noticed. I had some great, energizing conversations today.

Sometimes it just takes a minute to spark someone’s passion for something.

My own passion and love for skating connects me both on and off the ice to people who get joy from sharing how they, too, delight in the sport, whether they wish they could skate, too, or are big fans.

Skating is a common international connection for me and this morning I tried my best to give the people of New York a performance to remember. I’m no stranger to performing in public, but skating is something deeper. Something magical happens when a child walks up to you and smiles and ask you to “do it again”. And of course I do it with pleasure.

So with all the morning excitement and new found-friends and fans, I got inspired to take a moment and visit one of my biggest fans in New York to share my thanks for her support and share a hug.

So I walked to the Empire State Building to surprise Lourdes. I think it worked! This photo captures the essence of our time together but what you don’t see was how Lourdes vibrates with positive energy and excitement. It’s always such a thrill to meet folks one-on-one; in this case I was just as excited as she was.

I love what I do, and I do what I love, but moments such as this first meeting are forever lasting. Time more than well spent.

Thank you New York and its global connection to the world, and thank you Lourdes for being so beautiful both inside and out. You exemplify a true MARtian.