A MARcation getaway

It was time for me to take a well-deserved vacation, so I decided to head off like so many other New Yorkers to Fire Island for an extended long weekend. With its pristine sand dune beaches and magical scenery, Fire Island takes my breath away each and every time I visit. The perfect place to read, relax and visit some friends. With no cars on the island, one never has to worry about other people drinking and driving. Everyone greets you and people are polite. It’s a great mixture of families, groups of friends, and those in search of a get-away – like me! There one feels safe and it’s easy to feel in touch with nature, as everyone walks everywhere. Sure you can take a bike, but the walk along the boardwalk is much more interesting. With no lights to illuminate these boardwalks at night, one has to look for landmarks like oddly-shaped scrub brush or low-hanging branches to find the way home. Thankfully the modern convenience – the cell phone – comes in very handy, but not to call for directions: phone reception isn’t very good, but the illuminated screens double as needed flashlights!

While day trips are popular for many, it’s so tempting to never want to leave, so sleeping over is a must. There aren’t that many Fire Island hotels, so if you want to stay over you better befriend someone or make a reservation well in advance. That said, my fun began the moment I arrived meeting up with friends for a late lunch by the pool.

The French rosé was flowing and the sun was shining and the company was excited for what the weekend would bring: many roof-top cocktails, and walks on the beach taking in the dunes and the allure of Atlantic Ocean waves. What I love most about this place is that one only needs a bathing suit. No fancy designer shoes, belts or bags to distract the natural beauty of the island. A casual place to visit that is dog-friendly and accommodating to all. Come as you are and eat drink and be merry. This is a place to love and enjoy and embrace all its beauty. Fire Island is magical and it will forever be a special place for me to unwind and rejuvenate.

I returned home on Tuesday, a better man with a glowing tan and sun-kissed hair. July is over and August brings new lectures, meetings, and opportunities for me and with my vacation officially over I begin to unpack my clothes, but my memories will forever be packed away for years to come as these photos provide an insight to the allure of this special place. I’m filled with inspiration, renewed and relaxed – after all, isn’t that what a vacation is for?

To learn more about fun actives and information about Fire Island, check out the following: www.fireisland.com/thingsToDo.php