A “MAN”icure

Why do they call it a “Manicure” if most of the clientele are women?

I do like to pamper myself quite regularly for a manicure (no polish of course) because playing in the dirt and then being on TV requires groomed hands and fingernails to get a passing grade on set.

Although I was outdoors a lot as a youngster, I was never really “outdoorsy” – I did not play with guns, go fishing or do traditional outdoor sports. Camping for me was one bathroom shared by two brothers. Needless to say, I kept my hands clean back then and with the help of my Mother, I discovered a creative sport – pair skating. That allowed me to dress in fun costumes and pick-up girls, all while performing to TV themes and show tunes . Back then the more sequined, bejeweled costumes you wore the better – better chance you would be noticed, at least. You wanted to look like Liberace himself threw up on you.

That said, being more a creative person, I rearranged my bedroom every season, picked fresh flowers from the gardens, went antiquing and became my mother’s and grandmother’s domestic helper and protégé. What was called by others my “weaknesses” (lack of being a tuff guy) became my strengths, and ultimately the basis of my fulfilling career.

I reminisce and cherish the experiences of my youth that allowed me to discover my self-confidence and embrace my inner gifts. Today, when I get a “MAN”icure I’m emphasizing my empowerment of being me: a creative, artistic gentleman who adores beauty around him. “Manning up” for me has become more about how to best express my talents and gifts.

So yes, I go for a manicure and enjoy the transformation of watching all the gardening dirt from under my nails get cleaned and buffed. Although I’m often the only man in the salon I feel confident and, yes, “manly” while doing it. So much so that I bring Violet to sit on my lap and entertain me. And when I do I make sure I get a “PET”icure too!