A Kelly Green MARtian

For those who don’t already know, Mar has a Mini-Me, thaaat’s me! My name is Kelly and I’ve been working for Mar since last September; today I’m your guest blogger. After graduating college, I stored away my old textbooks and notecards and got ready for the Real World. I never imagined I’d get an opportunity like coming to work at Rosebrook Gardens (and it certainly does feel like I’m on a whole other universe – planet MAR’s!)

I’m using the creative skills I’ve learned at Fairfield University and combining them with Mar’s design techniques to help our team achieve our best. If you ask me what exactly it is that I do – I can tell you I do many things! For example, I accompany him on the TV circuit both locally and nationally. And the best part of my job is what I get to learn from Mar himself.

One of the things I love about Mar is his dynamic lectures series. I get to experience the thrill of Mar’s upbeat attitude and his keen eye for design alongside hundreds. We work at Rosebrook Gardens (Mar’s home) and I get to see Mar’s design principles come to life inside and outside. I cannot wait to see all the roses in the garden emerge and bloom. The setting will certainly be spectacular. And you can be sure we will Instagram them.

As you know, Mar’s been working on a home makeover show at the home Green Isle in Westport, and I’ve been lucky enough to see the space transform right before my eyes. I’m so happy to have the pleasure to announce that the first episode of Life on Mar’s Home Makeover Show is coming soon! Those of you in Connecticut will be able to view it on WTNH on Sunday, April 19th at 1 o’clock. Mark your calendars, invite some friends over, make some sandwiches, and tune in for the reveal as you’ll be amazed at what he can do.

I don’t know what I’m more excited for – watching everything come to life on the television or hearing your reactions about it afterward. Either way, you can be sure I’ll be on planet Mar’s. I just cannot wait!

For now, I encourage you to go out and enjoy the Spring weather and get your green on! I love the color green – Kelly Green, that is. Perfect in so many ways. I love this job, too, and all the MARtians I meet! I hope you found my blog MARrific!