A Family of Friends

This is the best time of year, when good friends visit and Uncle Marsley’s chores increase. Not having any children of my own – unless you count Miss Violet – I’m lucky to be referred to as an “uncle” by my friends’ kids even though my siblings have no children. And at this rate, will never. Regardless, the beauty of Christmas is still a magical and heart-warming experience. Being a nostalgic man, I enjoy those memories of when I was a child and loving the season and being the youngest in the house. Back then it all seemed as if it lasted for months awaiting Santa, but as I become older, the season flies by and before I know it I’m celebrating a new birthday in April. Oh, to be that young again and have time linger on.

This year I decided to create new memories, so I had an open house on Christmas day. Friends joined me, and the champagne was flowing, the holiday music was playing and the fire was roaring. I kept it simple by using the snow to fill several galvanized buckets to chill the champagne and I created a festive holiday buffet with finger food and many lovely treats, like home-made Christmas cake. Old friends, new friends, but no family. I save family for family gatherings or what’s sometimes best: one-on-one. After all, this was intended as a party not a therapy session! So let the celebration of the season begin. We danced, we ate and we drank – maybe not in that order – never the less we had a ball.

As we wound down the night we played games and enjoyed espresso coffee from my new illy Francis Francis X7 machine. (Oh, and friends give better gifts, too. Thanks, Barbara! )

As I look back at Christmas 2009, I’ll remember this – lots of champagne, wonderful friends, a festive fire, the holiday décor, more champagne, the belly laughs, dancing to Lady Ga Ga, (who I’m ga-ga over) and that I just can’t drink as much as I used to. I was home, happy, healthy and blessed. The perfect making of new nostalgic-ness.

Now, what to do for the New Year?