A cool hot SumMAR!

With the summer in full swing, and with the hazy, hot and humid weather becoming the norm here in Connecticut, I’ve been busy inside my studio writing new articles and creatively working with my website designer(s) to bring you a new and improved website. From the coolest ideas to fun projects, from recipes to yum-yum cocktails, marjennings.com is the place to be. I hope you feel the new look and feel is fresh, and even easier to navigate – that was the design objective! For example, it’s always been easy to find my latest blog, but now visitors can quickly find the latest article, too, proudly displayed in “Most recent articles.”

That said, soon the Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden book preview flash will be replaced with an exciting new flash showcasing book reviews, my life at Rosebrook Gardens, and how to order. These new graphics will play off the “Life on Mar’s” planet concept as I had so much fun working with my New York design team to create something innovative, entertaining and of course cool.

You’ll also notice some new partners. Partners who, in my opinion, offer the best information and/or services that help improve our lives. Please take a moment to discover them by clicking on their logos to quickly navigate to their website.

As always, I’ve kept the site clean and easy to enjoy, never compromising my brand and commitment to bring you the most up to date projects and recipes. My talented team has also updated the page layout for those “techies” like me who are on the go with the new iPad and iPhone. My weekly blog connects you with what’s up with Mar; it is always a joy for me to sit down and tell you about my life. Although I originally resisted, I joined the world of Twitter and Facebook because so many of you asked when I would be joining these social media sites – plus to help support the site and build on our already national success. I often refer to “our” success because it takes a team of dedicated employees to grow a business.

I hope in the years that follow to build my company so that I may reach more and more people across the USA and around the world. A national show would be great, but as long as I can get in front of the camera, do what I love, and share it with you I’ll be satisfied. Regardless, it’s always been you who have made this site so popular, and with your continued support we’ll continue to build my lifestyle brand. Send an e-mail, post on your social network, get the word out – tell others that Mar Jennings has the coolest website that inspires you to learn, have fun and pass it on. Help me help you by spreading the word. Let’s not just make it global, aw heck, let’s take it to the universe!

I am proud to welcome you all back to the new and improved marjennings.com. Please voice your comments below. Tell me on what you want help, what future article to write, and before you know it, I’d love to say “And there you have it” to your ideas, too.