A Christmas Tree Full of Thanks

Hello, my MARtians!

Now with the holiday house tour over (and coming out of my “House Tour Coma”), I can relax a little! I can take time, and reflect upon the hard work of the many professionals and volunteers who helped me get my home, Rosebrook Gardens, Christmas-ready. Their hard work and talent is evident in a myriad of delightful touches inside and outside my home.

This year’s house tour broke new records in many ways. The most rewarding being the number of enthusiastic tour-goers who purchased tickets – including so many of you! Your support helps make it possible for the Westport Historical Society (WHS) to continue its mission and programs while educating on the powerful importance of ‘protecting the past while living for the future.’

The visitors’ heartfelt comments were heard loud and clear this year; you made it a point to tell us that “this was the best tour ever!”

As the honorary chair, I have a great appreciation for those volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to help us revitalize this year’s house tour. Very simply, we brought back the spirit of Christmas and many wonderful festive trimmings wrapped up in one spectacular experience.

Susan Wynkoop, Ed Gerber, Susan Gold and Barbara Brauner: thank you to the leadership team of the WHS for the memorable honor you all bestowed on me. Kathy Winters, my super partner in all the madness, was a real superstar; Amy Swanson was a delight in branding our vision; Stacey Danielson, my entertainment coordinator, was also the best cheerleader anyone can ever ask for. Joey, Diane, Matt, J.D., Gina, Deborah, Nancy and the many other designer elves and worker bees from terrain were no doubt some of the shiniest stars at Rosebrook Gardens.

They say it takes a village to make things happen. This year’s tour did have a village of supporters, and although too many people to mention individually, not one person’s good deed has gone unnoticed.

As I look at my Christmas tree – a silvertip fir, straight from Oregon state – I like to think it, and the tour, have several things in common: unique, extremely festive, and the result of a collaborative effort. (Plus, like many who visited, willing to travel the distance to make a difference.)

Thank you, my MARtians, thank you WHS and it’s volunteers, thank you terrain, and my best wishes to all for providing the spirit of Christmas to all who visited this year’s fantastic tour.