A Caribbean State of Mind

You know, some things in life just demand a second act. Take my travel to Antigua/Barbuda–I was fortunate enough to come here a few months ago on a travel writing assignment, and here I am back again shooting a special episode of Northeast Living! I have been here since Monday, with the film crew, so we can highlight some of the many, many things these wonderful islands have to offer.

Antigua/Barbuda have over 365 beaches–more than one for every day of the year–but that is just the beginning of what makes this destination so special. The people, the scenery, the cuisine–wow, wow, wow! And for every budget, as I have learned.

We have been staying at gorgeous resorts as well–all the better to report on them, my friends–and packed every day with activities and sightseeing. Swimming with stingrays, zip lining through the rainforest (and screaming just a little bit) (shown here reviewing that footage, with Tony the producer and Paul the videographer/lighting expert), learning to dance Carnival-style (with a headdress on), and sampling lots and lots of delicious food. This is definitely not a weight-loss holiday destination! But no complaints!

Tomorrow I head to Barbuda by helicopter, I will horseback ride along the beach, and take a catamaran back for a scenic re-entry into St.John’s harbor. More on that soon–but I wanted to bring you up to speed on what’s happened so far; well, a little taste of it, anyway!

Hopefully, everyone will want me to return yet again. I have sampled some new things this trip, and there are definitely lots of activities I wouldn’t mind having a second act just for myself!