A Blizzard of Memories

I’m no cheerleader, but with December 31st only days away, I’m cheering the end of 2010 with great excitement at welcoming 2011. And even though I’m a little bit older and more of a candidate for Botox than last year, I’m delighted to look back at a year in which I was extremely blessed: the record-breaking flower show lectures; the trips to Napa Valley, San Francisco, France, MARvelous Southampton; my new role with FOX CT; just to name a few of the things for which I’m so grateful.

The recent North East blizzard is thankfully over, but I chose to take a moment to feast on the magical beauty it brought, as 14 inches accumulated quickly on Rosebrook Gardens. The wind blew and the trees bent, taking the force of Mother Nature like a strong army. The gardens are at rest, yet my innate love for design and for making all things beautiful are still very much alive and shining through. The garden details, such as my armillary, boxwoods and structures, became silhouettes of beauty, creating harmony as the plethora of snow rested on them.

Similarly, throughout the year many memories accumulate like the snow. And, like the snowstorm, I relish this experience, too. Sometimes it can seem like everything can be overwhelming, but when you step back you can see the beautiful patterns. My life and my work may be filled with these “blizzards,” but my love and passion will always make it warm and delightful. And just as spring will bring the most amazing color and blooms, my journey in life and gratitude will always be apparent beyond the storms. No shovel required.

Happy New Year everyone, and may 2011 be exciting, healthy, safe and prosperous for all of us!