I love time travel and if I was asked “would you rather travel forward in time or backwards”, I would quickly answer “back in time!”

So when a couple of friends invited me to a roaring 20’s themed lawn party as the event of the weekend you know I could not resist. Too tempting to all arrive dressed as ladies and gentlemen from the era. So this gentleman escorted a gorgeous, petite redhead. (Yes Daisy was my date!)

We all converged on this perfect time travel outdoor lawn gathering hosted by the historic Coley Homestead in Weston, Connecticut. All who attended embraced the event with wardrobes inspired to perfection. And the most beautiful autumn day was the perfect backdrop for picnic baskets, wine and sandwiches. (And maybe a few afternoon spirits!)

My host Dayna completely embraced the era and would not allow any modern touches: glasswear, plates, wicker, and linens. She even wrapped our spread (cucumber sandwiches included) in parchment paper and string–no plastic wrap permitted.

Our live entertainment was Vince Giordano’s Grammy-award winning 7-piece jazz ensemble; their playing transported us all back in time with their original arrangements of jazz age classics. Some special musical guests were also part of the entertainment such as Jerron Paxton and Miss Maybell & the Jazz Age Artistes. The crooning voices, banjo strumming and red-hot horns were so incredible to hear.

For many Americans, the 1920s were a vibrant time for wealth, style and refinement, not to mention society manners. After all, it was referred to as the Roaring Twenties! And no wonder as I would have been roaring up a storm too. It was a decade of prosperity and dissipation, and of jazz bands, bootleggers, raccoon coats, bathtub gin, flappers, flagpole sitters, bootleggers, and marathon dancers. It was, in the popular view, the Roaring 20s, when the younger generation rebelled against traditional taboos. Truth be told, with the economy on a roll post-WWI and no signs of stopping this meant people had money to spend. For the first time in history, the average American had the financial resources to buy luxury goods such as cars and household appliances.

That said, the 20s was also a decade known as the “Jazz Age.” Jazz became the music of choice, mirrored by the age of prohibition speakeasies.  Although at this garden party all were enjoying both the 19th Amendment for women’s right to vote as well as all sorts of refinements/cocktails. it is odd to think it was 100 years ago.

As a television personality, a little-known 1920s fact is that this was also the decade of invention: the television was actually first introduced in the ’20s but  not totally perfected and popularized until the late 50’s.

This afternoon lawn party was a true delight to attend and being a time travel nut myself it was also wonderful to see how so many guests embraced the theme and dressed the part. As for myself? I was my best ‘Dandy’ self, of course. After all, a gentleman always arrives on time, appropriately dressed and escorting a lady.