Who remembers seeing my posts about being in a Lifetime Original Movie? It’s called Stalker’s Prey 2: A Predator’s Obsession. I filmed my part in this thriller last summer (and featured my on-set experience on my home makeover show), and it’s now set to premiere! Who doesn’t like the idea of a premiere? Hint: not me!  The movie will have its debut airing on Saturday, March 21 At 8pm.

Here is the synopsis:

On an idyllic day at the beach, Alison and her younger brother, Kevin, are saved from a vicious shark attack by the brooding and mysterious Daniel. To Alison’s mother, Diana, Daniel is a hero. To Alison’s boyfriend, Carson, Daniel is a threat whose stories don’t quite add up. Daniel charms his way into Diana’s heart and home, but Alison grows suspicious of his odd and protective behavior. When Alison’s loved ones start to go missing, she discovers Daniel isn’t who he says he is, and that he has a dark past with a body count. “Daniel” won’t stop until Alison belongs to him, and she must stop him before Kevin and Diana become his next victims.

I play a local news reporter who is covering the shark attack. It was such a fun day on set, and they were terrific to work with. I arrived early in the morning and went to makeup. I brought my own wardrobe—although they offered to provide one—but I knew I would be even more comfortable in my own clothes. I had several options with me for the director to choose from. And of course the finishing touch: glasses, to complete that ‘serious news guy’ vibe.

I really enjoyed watching the leads get into character, especially the young kids on set. You could tell everyone was having a great time, even though the filming process requires you to do everything multiple times. Because we were filming on location at the Connecticut shoreline we had a couple of scheduling switches during the day to make the most of the weather: when it was calmer seas, for example, the crew would quickly get out on the water for some shots that take place on open ocean.

When it was my turn I felt like I got to really have fun with it. Because of the camera moves, the shots were choreographed in terms of where to stand, start and stop walking, etc. After a few takes including various angles, wide shots and closeups, I heard “Cut! That’s a wrap for Mar!” And then it was time for me and my colleague Melissa—she came to assist during the day—to head back to Westport.

Thanks to the production team and all the cast and crew for an aMARzing time on set! And now you, too, can watch this thriller…set your DVRs! Can’t wait to watch!