I’m a proud parent/pet owner  and I love my mini schnauzers Violet and Daisy know to many as my fur babies.  Sure I spoil them but one of the best ways to capture their life than a portrait is to immortalize them.
That said, I’m no stranger to collecting art and being somewhat of an art connoisseur I fill my home with many landscapes from both late 19 century to the modern day. Recently I discovered an appreshation of modern art when I met a local Westport painter Dayna Gerring.
No stranger to the art world I quickly reviewed Dayna’s portfolio and said on the spot you need to paint my Schnauzers.   Less than a moth later the classic, timeless portraits were hand delivered to Rosebrook Gardens.
I make myself clear at our fist meeting that I wanted these portraits to look as they were discovered in an attic of some great hall in England where the dogs of the family were as import as the fist born some.   And being the last of three boys I felt it was only my place to acknowledge the power of the famine al be it in canine form.
So now as the curator of this ever pet collection I find myself in love with not just the ever lasting way to remember my girls Violet & Daisy but proud and blessed to have them last the test of time.
Truth be told, A third portrait is in the works for Corky my very first Schnauzer.  This collection will represent the schnauzers of the garden, first ladies of the house and the girls that confidently capture my heart.
So if you are a pet lover like me and looking for a significant way to immortalize your family member contact Dayna dirrectly at [email protected].  This is the perfect to me, love me gift or even a gift to someone else.  Regardless who is the recipient and or what the occasion may be know that she comes with the “MAR” approval!