2014 Holiday Poem

The Holiday feeling is here to stay

At Rosebrook Gardens come what may:

From dawn’s first light to eve’s first star,

She welcomes all from near and far.

The house is dressed in full décor,

The type that Saint Nick will adore.

Stockings are hung, the carols are playing,

The fireplace is crackling, the mistletoe swaying.

Wee Violet’s excited; there’s so much to see.

“I’ll sneak a quick sniff; is it something for me?”

Then off to greet guests, and squirm at their feet;

“I’m a good girl, did you bring me a treat?”

The room is filled with all manner of cheer,

All gifting aside, love and laughter rule here.

The warmth of good company for all who appear,

And yes, Christmas cocktails await, too, my dear.

And tonight when the schnauzer curls up in my bed,

I’ll say a quick prayer thanking you, as I’ve said:

I’m blessed to have MARtians, and from you, I learn,

It gives me a purpose; do I speak out of turn?

As Rosebrook Gardens will be here to stay,

My life and my journey make me shout “hooray!”

So what is my holiday wish for you? Glee!

Your holidays? Happy. Your Christmas? MAR-ry!

MarJennings & Violet Von Schnorkenheimer