1st time and 2nd place! 

Well MARtians I did it! I reached a lifelong dream to compete in a horse show a true English rider.

Sunday I competed in the Salko Farm Horse Show and came in 2nd in three categories. That said, three red ribbons adorn my home and it’s hard not to feel proud. (Excuse me while I gloat for a while.)

How wonderful to connect with a horse, show off their beauty and elegance while reaching this personal achievement. Together we did this as one and any horseman will tell you the relationship you have with your horse is deep and complex, just like any relationship. Your horse knows your love and passion and incredibly can sense your fears, too. Truth be told, with my background in world class skating I am no stranger to competition, but this horse showing is a new world to explore and maybe conquer. But unlike my solo skating career this time I’m with a true partner: a 16 Hand mare named Luna.

I arrived to the show excited and accompanied by a cluster of friends for this and found myself reminded of my former competitive figure skating days. It was thrilling, however, unlike my skating there would be no outrageous sequined outfits; instead, classic equestrian attire was required. And while I was still being tested on my jumping, it now meant taking off over rails rather than the big double or triple jumps. Very different for sure. Cantering, posting and trotting would be a big part of the show and of course I was well trained and enjoyed dressing for the occasion, ready to show off my new-found skills and personal achievements.

My horse Luna was tacked by riding buddy Dayna, acting as my groom, and my Executive Producer and Head Writer were also present to oversee the fun sportsmanship event for an upcoming episode of season 4 on my show LIFE ON MAR’S; The Home Makeover Show. At the end of last season I started my equestrian journey and it seemed fitting to continue the story for you. Should be so cool!

So my friends I competed in my first horse show, successfully stayed on my horse and finished the course proudly. I may not have won the blue ribbon, but truthfully I have always loved the number two and perhaps it was simply a validation that I’m on to something great. “2 good to give up!” Life on Mar’s reaches new opportunities and life is a journey best served with those you love and those animals you cherish.