Your New Favorite Gift Idea

At a loss during gift giving times? You are not alone! The holidays are never far away, and they seem to be coming closer and closer together lately.

People can be incredibly difficult to buy for, especially that man who has everything. Everyone knows at least one guy or gal who has it so together; it makes buying a token of appreciation a full-on stress event. Well, I have a solution you’re going to love, MARtians — and I’ve taken it right out of my own wardrobe.

Look at the photo attached. You’ll see a snapshot of my closet. It features a selection of jackets I love to wear. (Plus, they look so nice together after I’ve done all my closet cleaning and organization) Do you see something different, something unique? If those buttonholes popped out at you, you’re on the right track.

Customized clothing is so in right now, and there are all different price points for customization. My jackets above have actual working buttons, but it doesn’t end there. I have had the buttonholes sewn in a funky contrasting color. I think it makes a special statement. It certainly makes the jacket all you.

Whether it is an existing jacket that you bring to the tailors to retrofit in this way, or you buy a new jacket and jazz it up with this custom sewing, you’re sure to win Christmas, or any holiday with a gift like this.

I don’t discriminate, but Brooks Brothers is a wonderful resource for me in this regard. Eric Westerdale at the Westport, CT store is the best at helping me achieve these bespoke looks that really make all the difference. After all, it’s all in the details! Stop in and tell them Mar sent you for extra MARtian love.