Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

Weather vanes add so much interest to the total look of a house. Originally designed to show wind direction, today they are purely decorative. Antique weather vanes are collector’s items and can be centuries old. I searched high and low for the perfect antique weather vane for the roof of my garden studio. It has an arrow pointing straight up to heaven from its center, accompanied by another arrow which turns to show the wind direction. Completing the vane are the four directional indicators, north, south, east and west underneath the rotating arrow.

Weather vanes add a whimsical, old-fashioned look. I can see mine from my back yard as it draws the eye upward toward the sky and the blowing winds. Perhaps you too, should consider a weather wane to complete your home or garden shed. Most are priced to sell and can be a wonderful discovery on a weekend get-away. The one atop my studio originally came from Southampton, NY and was discovered hidden away in the garage of an old house that was being destroyed. I was delighted to find it. I feel lucky to have found this wonderful piece of history that adds new interest and old style to a new building. Something old is once again something new.

And there you have it.