What Do I Do If?

I’m a guest in someone’s home and the toilet overflows when I flush.

Don’t panic. Every toilet has a shut-off valve located behind the bowl. Simply find it and turn it off. Put the toilet seat down. No one should see what you have left behind. Shut the door to the bathroom and find the host or hostess immediately. Tell them straight, “there’s a problem with the toilet and it requires some attention. I’d be happy to take care of it if you could provide me with a plunger”. Tell them that you already shut the water off. Most likely, your host or hostess will tell you not to worry and they will take care of it. The most important thing is that you were proactive in stopping a potentially costly accident.

You notice that someone’s zipper has not been zipped up. 

This can apply to both men and women. The best way so as to not embarrass the person is to whisper into their ear, their oversight. This way they will not be embarrassed.

You dial the wrong number.

When the person answers and you realize that you may have dialed the wrong number, do not simply hang up on the person. Apologize first and then confirm the number you dialed. If indeed you dialed the wrong number, apologize again and thank them for their time. They will remember this simple act of courtesy.

You forget a social appointment.

Call the person immediately. Do not make up some ridiculous story. People are human and make mistakes. Offer an apology and ask to reschedule. When you meet them, bring a small gift such as chocolates. This says that the person was very sweet to give you a second chance. Not everyone will be gracious so make sure you avoid making this behavior a habit.

You get someone else’s mail by mistake.

Opening mail that is not yours is a federal offense. If the mail belongs to a neighbor, use this opportunity to personally deliver it and get to know your neighbor if you don’t already. If not, simply put a note on it to the mailman that is was delivered to you in error. Otherwise, write on it “return to sender”.

You receive an email from your bank requesting personal data verification about your accounts.

Delete. Delete. Delete. Do not fall for this scam. This is a well-known way to get access to your personal information that may result in identity theft. Never, ever disclose personal information by email or telephone unless you know the individual. No matter how much they say, don’t do it.

And there you have it.