Vacation Time! Why you should you wear white.

It’s time to take a vacation!  Have you ever wondered why white is such a popular clothing choice when you go somewhere warm?
White reflects the sunlight more than any other color, therefore sunlight, which is a “white” light, is not absorbed but rather bounced away from you. That’s why you feel more cool and comfortable in white clothes on those hot, sunny days.

Here’s my sMARt tip when wearing white: Opt for shoes that complement your white look, but aren’t too matchy, matchy! White on white is a bad idea!

Another sMARt tip: If you’re ready to finally get away on a sun-filled, dream vacation — have I got a sunny destination for you!  Antigua & Barbuda.

Located in the eastern Caribbean, it’s a small intimate island only14 miles long and 11 miles wide — an adult sandbox to play in with all the amenities you need. When you visit you’ll quickly notice that the beaches are just the beginning of what make this place so magical. Antigua and Barbuda re-energizes your mind, body, and soul.

Not only is it a simple non-stop get-a-way trip from New York JFK, this English-speaking island is also one of the most affordable!

Before you arrive in this magical oasis, make sure you pack plenty of white clothing. Wherever you go, if it’s sunny white will make your golden tan look even better!

Get a sneak peek of this tropical destination by watching my recent video: