Ten Fabulous Ways To Pamper Your Dog

If you have seen the pet psychic on TV, you pretty much know that our pets are aware of just about everything going on around them — what you say to them, how you treat them, and the love you express.

I’ve come up with 10 ways to show your dog exactly how much you love him or her.

  1. Dress for success. Your dog will feel proud and special in a beautiful coat for outdoors.
  2. Special snacks. Treat him or her periodically with special treats even better if you make it.
  3. A cushy place to rest. Dogs nap throughout the day. Give them their own little beds throughout the house. Make it special.
  4. Fashionable collars. Pretty interchangeable collars are fun for you too. Because my dog is a female, I get a kick out of finding her fun feminine collars to show everyone she’s a lady.
  5. Playtime and exercise. This is especially important for large dogs that require a daily run if you have a large yard. If not, take them to you local dog park. Even for small dogs, the dog park is an exciting place to frolic, smell the scents, and socialize.
  6. Backyard comfort. Provide a shady place in the yard where you dog can repose in the warm weather. Some dog owners build elaborate daytime doghouses that are fun and esthetically pleasing.
  7. Pet Spa treatments. Bathe your dog with one of the many new spa treatment products coming onto the market. In my area, two pet day spas have opened where they offer bathing, grooming, massage, swimming and socializing with other dogs.
  8. Keep a photo journal of your dog’s life. Just like a travel log, keep a chronological history of your dog’s life with little notes and poems. It’s a great way to preserve the memory of your best companion.
  9. Designer bowls. These fun and colorful bowls actually dress up your kitchen, but I’m convinced my dog knows that they are special and just for her.
  10. Portraits or paintings of your dog last forever and also provide your home with beautiful artistic works to adorn your home. Keep your best friend in your home and heart forever.

And there you have it.