Creating A Home Reference Book

There is no better way to “Live smart” than by staying organized throughout your home.  This is never more important than it is in the summer when houseguests are showing up to celebrate the season. This summer, I am all about getting organized by creating a very valuable home reference book to which every home and guest may have access.

  1. The goal of a Home Reference Book is to provide you, your family, and even visiting guests all the information they need about your home. Creating a centrally-located and easily-accessible book provides fast access to valuable contacts and resources.
  2. The key to this book is to collect your information all in one place so it is easy to understand at a glance.
  3. Creating this reference book does not need to be expensive and it can be fun. To start, all you need is a simple binder. Choose one to reflect your own personal style and family attitude. Next, add some clear sheet protectors — they allow you to slip in existing information, booklets, warranties, plus let you add more pages as you go. Your binder will never be “finished” as your house and family are constantly evolving. Now, you’re ready to fill it with precious info
  4. Start with the essentials. Make sure to include local municipalities, family doctors, and medications, hospitals, walk-in clinics, and emergency veterinarians.  These important numbers and addresses can save lives in an event of an emergency. I also include my schnauzer’s registration, vaccination records, and vet info. If you have kids, you’ll want the poison control number, doctor, and dentist number as well as any favorite babysitters numbers
  5. Build further with crucial home-related details. Home security company details. All your favorite tradesmen: Plumber, roofing specialist, lawn service”_and so on. A copy of the property survey has been used more times than I can mention. The map of the sprinkler heads. Appliance warranty information — from fridge to heater to toaster. Up-to-date exterior and interior paint colors and swatches. You get the idea
  6. Enhance the book with guest-friendly reference. For example, using the TV remote can sometimes be a chore for guests from out of town. My guests can find the step-by-step instructions for watching cable TV, using the DVD player and watching Apple TV. Wi-Fi password, Town maps. Favorite take-out menus
  7. Remember to keep it somewhere central where everyone can find it when needed!

So “Live smart,” and have fun creating your own home reference book.