How to sell your home in a competitive MARket


Real estate is something I love. It combines my passion for homes, design, and helping people live their very own casual luxury lifestyle.

The market changes constantly, and currently it’s what they call a “buyers’ market”. Homeowners who want to sell right now ask my advice on several things, which I was invited to share on-air recently.

Here is a transcript of our conversation—including some bonus questions we discussed off-camera. Enjoy!

What is the best way to sell your home in today’s competitive market?  

Don’t be greedy and price correctly. The best realtor with the best intentions and the best marketing and staging still can’t magically generate offers that are above what the market will bear. Do your homework and hire a professional that will tell you the true value of your home, not what you want to hear. Believe me, if any buyer’s realtor has done any homework at all they will know the market value of your home.

 Is it worth the risk to list your home at an elevated price anyway? For example, if a seller is tempted to list based on what they think would have gotten when the market was high. 

Here’s the risk: A price above what the market will bear might not even generate interest and showings, but it certainly won’t generate real offers at that price. We see–over and over again–that these prices just end up getting reduced and reduced, until you hit the market level. Of course, your circumstances might be that you can’t afford to sell in this market, and any good realtor will understand that. So the bottom line is if you need a certain price and can wait, then wait.

What is the most import thing to do to your home before putting your home for sale?

Be ready! Decluttering and depersonalizing is not a tip it’s a standard. The expectations have changed due to home improvement shows and on-line images of homes for sale. Fresh paint and repairs validate your home to be the better option over another.

How import is hiring a realtor? 

Just because you have your license does not make you a top producer.    Never hire your best friend and always ask for references and examples of recent success stories. The best realtors don’t stockpile their listings; rather, they move them. As I say, I don’t house my listings, I sell them!

Is it important to hire someone that specializes in my price point?  Won’t they understand my home best?

NO! Don’t hire on price point, hire on whether they can sell. Price point may change but the discipline and commitment to sell a home is the same regardless of price. (A skilled sales person is a sales person for any property.) Most realtors are not sales people, thus the reliance on using a lockbox to gain access to your home–this just means that no one is there to actually do the selling. Hire a professional that has the results/proven sales track record rather than the big inventory. Never use a lockbox as your home cannot sell itself.

 What can I do to make my home stand out in today’s MARket?  

Professional photos only give a snapshot of your home’s value and benefits but you need them to get visual attention. I find the copy and way you write and speak about a listing makes a lot of difference once someone clicks on the listing. You need the personality of your home to show in order to get people in to preview your home. Ask for a writing sample before you hire a realtor.