Rockin’ with Rock DŽcor

There are no better resources than the “free” ones, and this project is all about rocking on with rocks. Beach pebbles or garden rocks work well when you apply a little imagination. Over the years, I’ve discovered the beauty of stones and rocks as a wonderful resource. That’s why I’ve come up with several fun projects that introduce these natural elements into your home, garden, and life. All these projects are simple and can be fun to do with your friends, family or kids.

So let’s rock on, shall we? When seeking out the right material, one should look for a relatively smooth and even surface. That’s because jagged or rough surfaces may look great but will make writing or stenciling on them difficult and can even warp the overall design. That said, I recommend gathering a few extras so you have the liberty to practice on them if needed; it’s very frustrating to get into your project and realize that your technique has evolved enough that your work isn’t consistent.

Today, stencil-painting ideas are limited only by your imagination and I found my local office supply and art store to be great resources for stencils and supplies.


What you will need:

  • A black Sharpie permanent marker for outlining
  • A thicker Sharpie for coverage and filling in your final design
  • A flat rock that can accommodate all your words
  • A pencil (I like to use an oversized Number Two children’s pencil)
  • Stencils of the alphabet and numbers (optional)

You can trust your own hand or you may stencil your lettering. Regardless, you need to start with outlining your design with the pencil. A pencil works best as it allows you to erase and start over should you mess up your design. Once you are happy with the final design, outline it with your Sharpie marker. Finish by filling in with the thicker marker. Consider the following ideas for a rock by your door:

  • No smoking
  • No shoes (I have this one)
  • Welcome
  • Beware of dog
  • Your house number and or apartment number

Here are three more sMARt ideas:

With a collection of small 2-3″ beach pebbles, a 12″ urn and some Reindeer Moss you can create an amazing arrangement for your indoor or outdoor table. Regardless of the season, this is a hit and a conversation piece. It’s so easy: just fill the base of the urn with larger rocks, then begin to add moss and pebbles alternating as you go. The lush lime-green will create a beautiful bed and soften the appearance of the rocks creating a harmonious aesthetic. This centerpiece will last for years outdoors, looking just as terrific as the day you created it. In time, the moss will harden, setting the stones in place.

Teach your kids how to count to ten with the help of Mother Earth. Once again, collect beach pebbles – this time use those that are around 1″ and are both flat and smooth. Using your stencil (for a more professional look) and your black Sharpie, trace numbers-from 0-9. Put into a small mesh bag, you can give as a gift at children’s parties, or keep for yourself in a wonderful glass vessel displayed on a bookshelf. If you have a favorite number, fill with just that number!

I also call this “Singing for your meal.” Taking some beach pebbles, write different words on one side with your marker. “Dreams”, “Life”, “Joy”, are some of the words I like to use, but be creative and add your personal touch. Set your table and place the rocks upside down around your centerpiece hiding the words. Have enough pebbles for every guest. Once you are all seated, ask each person to choose a rock, then go around the table and each guest must sing (or recite!) a song that has that word in the lyrics. For example, if you picked up “Joy” you might sing “We had Joy, we had fun!” The guest who comes up with the most songs for his or her rock wins. You can also choose movies or books as the theme — it’s up to you.

You can continue to play this while enjoying your entire meal. You can also use the other side of the rock for a place card — just write everyone’s names. This, of course, can be taken home as a fabulous way to remember the experience and the great entertainment you provided!

Consider any one (or all) of these simple yet innovative ways to revisit the unlimited resources available. Show off not only your personality and creativity but also the amazing beauty of rocks, shells, stones, and pebbles. All these projects can be “rockin’ easy”, so rock on!

And there you have it.