Refresh Your Curb Appeal

They say that one should never judge a book by its cover, yet many of us do just that.  And when it comes to the competitive real estate market one always has to take an objective approach on how one’s home may look to others.  Regardless if you’re selling your home or just looking to update and refresh it, there are many affordable projects that can transform the look of your home — leaving it updated with modern conveniences without losing character. This smart tip is all about small updates that can quickly refresh any home.

  • Outdoor Lighting: One of the simplest ways to shed some new light on an older home is to address all exterior lighting fixtures. Consider scale, leaning towards appropriate designs that complement your home’s original style. Look for lamps with interesting architectural details that embrace the era, but made from modern materials.
  • Garage Doors: If your garage doors are visible from the street this tip is for you. Nothing pinpoints the age of your house more than a tired old garage door. Today’s modern doors offer many new choices when it comes to designs. The look of an old carriage door can belie the fact that it has all the modern amenities: automatic, roll-top, lightweight, etc. Updating to a more decorative alternative can add value as well as an interesting focal point to your home.  Just imagine your current garage door reinvented with something new — the update will quickly change both perspectives as well as the overall look of your home.
  • Overgrown Shrubs:  If you cannot see your front door or any windows due to shrubs or trees its best to clear the views by reducing the obstruction. Overgrown vegetation screams “No Maintenance,” therefore tired and old. Manicured always looks more modern. By coordinating trees and shrubs on a pruning schedule they become full and less leggy and unattractive. Thus more impressive for curb appeal.
  • House Numbers & Mailboxes:  These simple upgrades make a memorable impact not just for your mailman and guests looking to find your home. This afternoon project offers fast results. Coordinate color tones and materials between your home and mailbox to create a more cohesive style; modernize with innovative metals or illumination for your numbers. Linking these elements is a great way to bringing these small details to life.