Recycled Liquid Soap Dispenser

Because I like to think “green” and recycle whenever possible, I recently had a great idea while drinking a Coke in a vintage bottle. I loved the look and feel of the bottle and wondered what I could do with this bottle and how I could use if in a fun and creative way. So, I created a liquid soap dispenser. 

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • an empty soda bottle; I prefer the vintage green, 8 oz. Coke bottle
  • an adjustable utility knife 
  • a wine cork
  • colorful liquid soap

Carefully scrape the label off the bottle using the utility knife. If you’re prone to accidents, wear gloves. Put the cork into the bottle and score the cork with the knife at the point where it fits snuggly. Take the cork out of the bottle and carefully cut off the part slightly above the score. Watch your fingers. Now you need to cut an opening or spout into the cork. Place the cork on its’ side and carefully cut out a small triangular piece of cork from top to bottom.

Fill the bottle with your favorite liquid soap and put in the cork. Test it to make sure it pours easily. If not, make the spout slightly larger. You’re done. Liquid soap comes in a variety of colors and scents. You can almost match it to the room or use a clear unscented variety.

And there you have it.