A Pet Friendly sMARt Tip

Even people who don’t have pets can love cats and dogs. However, no one likes to sit on a sofa covered with pet hair. So here are a few smart tips to keep your pet-friendly home both stylish and comfortable for you and your guests.
If you can, plan ahead. When you buy furniture, inquire about buying an extra matching cushion or seat cover; this will allow your pet to have their own space on the sofa.

If your pet likes to have the entire sofa, consider using slipcovers — either ready-to-use or custom made. Prefer not using a whole slipcover?  Then concentrate on the smaller area where pets lie; create a “sofa rug” from upholstery fabric remnants. Simply choose a fabric that complements the room dÌ©cor.

All of these items keep furniture protected, then quickly slip off when guests come and slip away to the dry cleaners as needed.

Home may be where the heart is, but it should be where both pets and guests are comfortable, too. There is nothing “ruff” about this smart tip!