PAWsible Step

I have not met a pet owner who does not adore their four-legged best friend.  I’m no exception and as a proud owner of a Miniature Schnauzer named Violet, I make it a point not only to create a home that is comfortable for my guests but for her as well.
This week’s smart tip is about repurposing what you find in the children’s department to make it perfect for a pet. Over the years, I’ve been in search of sturdy, lightweight pet stairs that weren’t made of a cheap plastic. I wanted something both decorative and functional, but not expensive.

Turned out to be hard to find!

So, I stepped up to the challenge and discovered the perfect solution — a child’s stepping stool. My local HomeGoods showcased a huge collection for both boys and girls. Each stepping stool was different. Some had flowers, princess themes, trucks or robots, so their color and decoration were not going to do. However, I I thought again. I was drawn to the clean lines, the right height and the durability of the wooden construction model I located, but it needed work. For less than fifteen dollars I found the perfect solution. Who cares what it looked like? If it was pink, blue or red? What was once pink and covered with butterflies could be easily transformed with a little creativity.

How? A little sanding, a coat of high gloss silver spray paint, adhesive felt for non-slip steps and I was done.  Now I have something that gives my schnauzer a lift and still matches my home decor.

Shopping for children’s items is one thing, but shopping for your pet stairs in the same department? Well, I think that was just plain smart!