A Patriotic Window

Having a garage is a fabulous luxury as it makes for the perfect place to store holiday dÌ©cor, gardening tools, and accessories; I’ve even heard — in rare circumstances — that if you somehow still have room, the car can even be tucked away and protected! That said, with all this stuff filling our garages, sometimes you can be sabotaged after hiding everything out of view.

Let me explain: many garages have windows, and many times those windows are either blocked with “stuff” or provide an unattractive view of your trash cans.

Here is a very American way to add great style while being patriotic. With the American flag available in just about any size, one can tack one on the inside of the window to hide all the undesirables.  So if you have a window that doesn’t need a view, block it and show off your American pride to boot. Simple, sMARt, decorative and functional.