Night Night

Nothing is more heartwarming than watching your dog doze off to sleep after a hard day protecting you and your home. Dogs can fall asleep almost anywhere in an instant and soon be snoring. I have chuckled many times watching my companion dropping off and sawing wood in no time. This reminds me of all my dogs that I have had as a child and just how much I enjoyed watching them protect me and cuddle up to me while taking that ever deserving nap.

Dogs find their favorite spots in your home and return to them often. For some dogs this could be in the way of a crate or a bed. I personally have not used a crate with my dog, probably because she never seemed to need it. 

Most veterinarians do recommend using a crate especially in the puppy stage. A crate helps immensely with training and keeping the accidents to a minimum. In each room of my house, I provide a wonderful place where my pooch can lie down and rest. Each is different in style and color to keep it interesting and matching the room decor. My home office, library, kitchen and entertainment room are some to name a few. Since Corky’s early years, I referred to her bed as her “basket” although it was far from a real basket. She has come to understand that when I say “in your basket” she immediately finds the nearest basket and lies down waiting to see if she will receive a treat for this all so complicated trick. By having a place for her, I’m welcoming Corky to follow me and take advantage of the comfortable bed that I have provided for her. I welcome her to take a break from her day-to-day responsibilities and activities. How I too would love to be able to fall asleep within moments of hitting the bed. We all have a great deal to learn from Corky as she can fall asleep in just moments. But oh, should the doorbell ring and disturb Miss Corky. Look out! Off to the door she will run to see who woke her up and for what reason they are calling. If only Corky could talk, and for most people who know her, they jokingly say she does. Corky would go on and tell all her friends just how her Dad provides her with a clean cushy bed that is washed every couple of weeks in warm water and left to dry naturally.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” Here you can clearly see just how Corky enjoys her bed. I must be doing something right – although I’m puzzled why Corky continues to use the top cushion as her blanket. Humm, perhaps someday she will tell me. No matter what we do for the love of our dogs, we can never do enough. Providing a special place for them in our home shows our love for them and the respect we have for them. Choose your pet’s bedding wisely based upon the size of your dog and space restrictions. Enjoy the shopping process and bring them along for the ride. I’m sure you too will notice just how they keep us happy and entertained in their beds with all their funny behaviors and tricks that we continue to love and enjoy.

And there you have it.