Mar’s Al-MAR-nac

Mar’s Al-MAR-nac
This is what you will find me doing throughout the year to ensure that my garden remains healthy and vibrant. These tips are straight from my calendar and keeps my garden in tip top shape.

Assess existing garden design for any new modifications
Purchase new gardening books
Order roses and trees for early spring delivery to replace those dead or damaged
Review catalogs and garden magazines for inspirational ideas
Rake any leaves into garden beds
Visit a botanical garden to study landscape design
Remove door wreath and holiday decorations

Check garden furniture for painting or repairs
Prune the wisteria, forsythia, fruit and ornamental trees
Check garden tools; repair and sharpen if necessary
Order supplies, tools and gloves
Check out local garden centers to see what ornaments and/or furniture may be on sale
Contact arborist for scheduled maintenance and fertilizing of trees

Schedule spring clean-up
Turn outside water on
Feed evergreens
Fertilize all garden beds with super phosphate; if beds contain flowers add 10-20-10; if not, use 10-10-10 before mulch
Prune existing roses to promote new growth
Remove burlap protection, if any
Pruning completed
Patio check
Cut ornamental grasses
Freshen tuteurs and urns with new paint
Schedule lawn service for maintenance/feeding schedule
Remove evergreen clippings from trellis and window boxes
Reupholster garden cushions for patio
Wash clapboard and siding

Seed lawn
Touch up paint on house and garden studio
Feed roses
Pest and disease control “Òcheck for aphids
Move garden furniture and terra cotta planters outdoors
Start new container and urn plantings
Plant Easter/Passover flowers (daffodils, hyacinths, tulips) in garden for instant color
Schedule windows cleaning for house and studio
Touch up fence paint
Plant herb garden
Turn over birdbath and fill with water
Stake perennials

Schedule second spring clean-up
Begin mowing lawn
Transplant annuals
Feed roses
Mulch garden beds
Plant perennial borders around herb garden
Cut back dead wood from climbing roses
Spray fruit trees after blossoms fall
Turn on irrigation system and fountains
Rake pebble driveway
Braid or fold Daffodil shoots and rubber band
Prune flowering shrubs right after blooming
Weekly trips to nursery
Open garden studio


Cut down Daffodils  and bulb foliage completely
Prune excess peony buds
Plan summer party schedule
Secure new growth of roses to trellis
Freshen up paint inside garden studio
Dead head perennials and cut back
Garden tours begin
Hang hammock
Begin gifting prolific peonies
Prune and reshape Rhododendrons and Azaleas
End of June, trim hydrangea bushes

Daily weeding begins
Prune climbing roses for second blooming
Trim ivy around base of house
Check garden lighting
Dead head peonies
Begin reshaping boxwood
Prune wisteria
Trim and reshape climbing hydrangea

Cut Annabelle hydrangea flowers and make indoor arrangements
Water and weed daily
Spray roses for black spots
Prune and shape Arborvitaes hedge
Dead head in early morning and evenings after work

Plant new shrubs; relocate existing shrubs; water them regularly depending on the weather
Divide any perennials that require thinning
Seed lawn if necessary
Trim trees
Trim roses slightly
Give neighbors any overgrown scrubs for their garden
Order firewood
Plant bulbs for next spring’s burst of color

Cut back dead foliage of perennials unless they have ornamental value
Cut back Annabel hydrangeas to 14 to 15 inches
Cut ornamental grasses and cut for displays
Shut off irrigation system
Bring terra cotta inside
Remove spent annuals
Cover barren flower beds with extra mulch or evergreen boughs to prevent erosion
Store some tulip and daffodil bulbs in the refrigerator for indoor forcing
Create pumpkin bouquets with garden flowers

Schedule fall clean-up
Turn bird bath over to remove water
Water all newly installed plants thoroughly, especially evergreens, before ground is frozen.
Reshape PeeGee hydrangea
Give neighbors bunches off hydrangea flowers to dry
Cover wall fountain to prepare for winter
Bring garden furniture inside studio
Install burlap protection
Close garden studio
Turn outside water off
Put garden to rest this month

Begin forcing indoor bulbs
Fill window boxes with evergreen clippings for winter interest
Fill front door trellis with evergreen clippings for winter interest
Make holiday wreath
Pick up branches and debris
Begin grooming indoor topiaries
Decorate front door for the holidays

And there you have it.