Mar’s Tips For A Romantic Valentine Experience

Good behavior says more to your Valentine than anything. I mean, really, all the flowers in the world can hardly make up for poor behavior or lack of imagination. Valentine’s Day is not only about intimate personal relationships, it’s about showing those you love that you care. So, even if you don’t currently have a “love” interest, you can ignite the spirit of passion through a friendly, loveable gesture.

Here are my tips for those you love, those you want to want or those you are in love with:

Send or give a fabulous orchid plant instead of flowers. It says I love you even longer than roses. 

A passionate romantic kiss is the gift that not only says I love you, but expresses the feeling as well. Make it last for a minute or two for the best results! Take a half an hour just relaxing and kissing your Valentine. This is one treat they will always remember. 

Send or leave a text or voicemail message to someone you love to tell them that you appreciate them for who they are and what they bring to your life (great for Moms and Dads). This works for any relationship be it friend or lover.

Gifts should not be mistaken for love. Time spent with your Valentine has no price. Rent old romantic movies, dance in your living room and use your best china for a homemade dinner that you create together.

Make a commitment as a couple to write love letters to each other for the first 14 days of February.  Read to each other on Valentines Day over a romantic candlelight dinner. (use recycled paper or stationary). 

Have a ball with any Valentine by sending them a ball This site will send a ball to them with your personal message. This is one gift that bounces back with lots of love.

Sprinkle a rose petal path to wherever you want your lover to find you. Leave notes along the way and wait for passion to ensue.

And finally, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to express your love to those people you care about the most. Tell them and tell them frequently that you love and appreciate them. February 14th is just one of 365 opportunities to show someone that you care.

And there you have it.