Making A Wine Cork Trivet

How many of us have opened a fabulous bottle of wine only to discard the cork when done. Thanks to my friend David I’m now inspired to collect them to make a Cork Trivet. This is a simple, fun project that is fast to do. Not that you will ever need an incentive to open a new bottle of wine — but it’s nice to know that when you do that cork can become something new again and in the event you should ever forget the name of that fabulous bottle of wine — simply look to your trivet for the answer.

What you will need for this project:

  • 22 wine corks (all approximately same in length and circumference)
  • 1 large upholstery needle
  • 20lb.test monofilament fishing line
  • Electric/cordless drill
  • 1/8 inch drill bit
  • Small piece of scrap wood to work on (approximately 6” x 8” x å_” thick)
  • Scissors or utility knife (to cut fishing line)

Instructions for the project:

  • Put drill bit in ‘chuck’ and tighten
  • Place scrap wood on work surface
  • Drill hole through each end of 11 corks (approximately 3/8″ in from end). If there is a logo or design on cork you want to see, rotate cork å_ turn when you drill holes.
  • Drill hole through one end only in remaining 11 corks
  • Thread upholstery needle with fishing line (tie a small knot to keep from coming loose)
  • Thread through one end of each of the 11 corks with holes at each end and tie with square or “granny” knot. Cut off ends.
  • Re-thread needle and then thread through one of the corks on the inner ring of the trivet and next thread through one of the remaining corks with only one hole. Repeat until the outer ring is complete
  • Tie with square or granny knot and cut off ends

Take note, to make a larger version, you will need 44 corks. Drill holes at each end of 22 corks and one end of the other 22 corks. Assemble as above using the 2-hole corks for the ‘inner’ and second rings, then thread two 1-hole corks between each cork in the second ring

And there you have it!