Magazine Rack

Because of my love of antique or aged-looking urns, I often try to find alternative uses for them inside the house. Of course, the most popular way is to find a potted plant that fits. Add some green sheet moss and enjoy. Be sure to water frequently.
Sometimes in winter, in spite of my best cultivation efforts, I find myself with an empty urn from a lost houseplant or topiary. And sometimes, I just feel like doing something different with my beautiful urn. This particular time, I added some magazines and wicker willow balls and moved the urn next to my favorite chair. The urn became a focal point and not in the traditional way. And I had my favorite magazines close at hand.

Recycling old magazines is a must in order to cut down on clutter. But I like to cut out and keep articles that inspire me. In my home office, you will find many files filled with old articles and photos that I will someday use as a resource. I can’t tell you how many times I have referred to these articles to get inspired. No matter if you’re currently doing a project or planning one, keeping an idea file will be an excellent resource when you are ready. So enjoy those magazines and keep the articles and photos you love safe and easily accessible.

And there you have it.