Holiday Wine Bottle Gifting

Gift time can leave the cleverest of us at a loss for something new and unique to present. Need a good, safe, always appreciated gift?
Just about everyone loves to receive a fabulous bottle of wine or champagne during the holidays. The problem is how do you make that perfect bottle stand out and look special? Too often your nice bottle, as a Christmas gift or host/hostess gift, just gets lost in the mix. It can look like any other bottle of wine. In fact, if not careful, the host or hostess can end up losing that gift when distracted by entering guests or setting up for the party. Many times the host or hostess may have never seen your special gift at all!

This week’s sMARt tip is all about making sure that special bottle gets the attention it deserves.

It is really quite easy to make a standout gift bottle. The sMARt tip? Simply write a short personal message right on the label. It’s an unexpected touch that ensures the recipient knows who to thank for that special gift. Even if the recipient is too busy to take notice right away, when they go to open the bottle they will be reminded of you by your note. And for those of you who hate your gifts being re-gifted, this guarantees that your bottle will never get mixed into that pile. (Devilish, I know.)

So, this year when everyone is eating, drinking and being merry, you can feel confident that the special bottle you purchased will no doubt be enjoyed — along with your sentiments!